There is no question that each and every person should be treated with dignity and respect.  NO MATTER WHAT.  I do identify as a gay male and know what it is like to feel marginalized.  We must put a stop to racial, gender, sexual orientation, and all other forms of discrimination.

Treatment of Transgender members of our society is unfathomable.  I know many fantastic, hard-working, and dedicated transgender members in our community and do not look at them any differently than anyone else I know.  They are human beings, like you, like me.  We all have our differences, but still share the common purpose of being human first. Protecting transgender rights is TOP-PRIORITY.  Ryan put together a policy plan to address the inequality in our State.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Ryan supports the Equality Act, CLICK HERE to read more.


As a lifetime member of the LGBTQ+ community, there is still a lot of work to do.

Climate change is real.  We must address it, but first have elected officials that understand the reality.  Renewable energy is good for the environment and better for economic growth.  Solar & wind generated power can create good paying jobs right here in Arizona.  Ryan has a policy plan to boost our presence as a leading solar energy producer.

Arizona is one of over 20 States that has not joined the United States Climate Alliance.  As your State Senator, Ryan will advocate for Arizona to join this alliance and make sure we do what is best for us on a State level to address this global emergency, create jobs and help protect our environment for future generations.

Renewable Energy & Economic Opportunity


A woman's right to choose should not be up for debate.  Women have the right to make choices about their own health care just as men do.  This is why I have signed the Pro-Choice Pledge and feel very strongly about the importance of not interfering with anyone's ability to make their own independent choices.

CLICK HERE to read the Pro-Choice Pledge Ryan signed.

Protecting A Woman's Right To Choose


Too many innocent people have died and will continue to without comprehensive changes to gun policy.

Background checks have bi-partisan support. Arizona elected officials continue to ignore this.


Ryan has a three-point policy plan to address the epidemic of gun violence.

CLICK HERE to read more.

Weapon's of war should stay in war.


Between 2013-2019, $92,999,080 was spent on elections in Arizona.  This is why Ryan is running as a Clean Elections candidate to show the people of Legislative District 24 that money cannot buy democracy or him.


The Arizona Secretary of State shows how much money each candidate received from special interests and PACs.  See for yourself who takes money from big corporations.

CLICK HERE to see how many candidates in Arizona are taking from corporations.

We all agree there is too much money in politics.